Traveling to Saarbrücken and getting to the Conference Venue

Travelling to the capital of the Saarland is not hard. Most of you will arrive by plane, so here are the 3 best  destinations to look at.

  • Frankfurt Airport: Germany's largest airport, which has direct connections to most of the T4EU University cities. Fraport has its own train station. Actually it has even two of them, but your best choice is probably the station for regional trains right beneath terminal 1. Take the Regional Express (RE 3) leaving every 1-2 hours to get directly to Saarbrücken Main Station.
  • Luxemburg Airport: This airport may be in another country but it is much closer to Saarbrücken and may be the better choice for some. Public transport to Saarbrücken is 45 min. quicker than from Fraport but may be more challenging since there is no direct connection.
  • Hahn Airport: A typical low fare airport with a limited choice of destinations. There is a bus line to Saarbrücken to Saarbrücken but it does not operate every day.

And before you ask: Yes, Saarbrücken does have its own local airport (after all we're a state capital). But it's basically for vacationers and has no flights to any T4EU cities.

If you think green and want to travel by train only, that is of course possible. It's just that while we are in the heart of Europe, Saarbrücken is not exactly a train hub. Unless you want to do a little stopover in Paris while you're at it. Paris is one of our better known suburbs :-) , you can reach Saarbrücken in less than two hours from there.


Getting around in Saarbrücken and the Saarland

The best way to get from downtown to the conference venue itself is by bus, the destination stop is called Universität Campus. From the main railway station, lines 11, 112 and 124 go directly to the campus. There is as timetable of the local transportation authority SaarVV, where you can check departure times. And  of course there is always Google Maps or Apple Maps on your mobile.

The conference venue is in building C7 4 (Yes, we even took care to chose a building with a symbolic number) on campus, a 5 minute walk from the Campus stop.

Unfortunately, we cannot welcome you at the Language Center itself, which is currently surrounded by construction sites and will soon become one itself.

Conference Hotel

Intercity Hotel

We have prereserved rooms at the InterCity Hotel for all participants of the T4EU Language Conference 2024. The hotel is only a few minutes' walk (downhill :-) ) from Saarbrücken's main railway station. The city's main shopping street is close by  and the restaurant where we will meet on the day of arrival is only a few meters away.

When booking, be sure to mention the code "T4E Languages" to obtain the special rate for this conference.


Informationen zum Tagungshotel

Adresse Intercity Hotel Saarbrücken, Hafenstraße 25, 66111 Saarbrücken
Rate 115,00 € per night including breakfast
Code Please mention the Code "T4E Languages" when you reserve
Amenities Highspeed-Wifi, SAT-TV (including Sky Sports), AC, Desk, Safe, Refrigerator. And even a Bed :-D .
Parking The hotel has no parking of its own but you can park at öffentliches Parkhaus, (25,00€/Tag). Günstiger: Parkhaus Kongresshalle (Mo.-Fr. 16,- €/Tag, Sa.-So. 8,- €/Tag)
Phone +49 681 95 070 000

Other accomodation options

We recommend to stay at the conference hotel because it's conveniently located and you will often run into colleagues even outside the official conference program. If for whatever reason, however, you want to stay somewhere else, we have a few recommendations.

Those who don't want to book near the train station should take a look around in the the area around the St. Johanner Markt. This is Saarbrücken's living room, so to speak, and there are numerous bars and restaurants here as well as a few hotels. The castle and the Ludwigskirche church, which is well worth a look, are also very close.

If you want to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city, that's also possible. In that case, it is advisable to choose a hotel or room not too far away from the Saarbahn, our city's tramway. Which stop is nearby doesn't matter, we only have one line ;-)

Further hotel suggestions

  • Motel One, well situated across from the theater, almost on the river Saar
  • Hotel Leidinger, a stylish traditional Saarbrücken Hotel not far from Sankt Johanner Markt
  • B&B Saarbrücken, a cost saving option behind the main station.

Private Appartments

Saarbrücken is less touristic than other German towns. Still, you can find nice private private appartments. As a rule, this won't save you a lot of money but some offers may be more charming than regular hotels.


We recommend that you pay attention to the cancellation conditions when booking your trip and accommodation and, if in doubt, book with the option to cancel. This is particularly important for the conference hotel which accepts free cancellations 7 days prior to your expected arrival.