Early Get Together (17 September)

On the first evening, we meet up in a restaurant serving Levantine specialties as a kind of pre-conference warm-up. From vegan hummus variations and labneh (cream cheese) to gilthead fillet or grilled lamb, there should be something for all tastes. We will probably meet at the restaurant from 19h30/20h00. If you want to come along, simply indicate this when you register.

Incidentally, those who already have a long drive behind them in the evening will be particularly pleased that the restaurant is literally only a few steps away from the hotel. This is also practical for those who arrive in Saarbrücken after 8 p.m. and want to join us a little later.

Saarland Dinner (18 September)

The most important saying in this part of Germany conveys a simple, but convincing message: The most important thing is to eat well, "Hauptsach' gudd gess" in the regional dialect. On Wednesday night let us show you what the locals mean by this and discover exotic dishes like Hoorische (Hairy ones) or Geheirade (Married food). It won't come as a surprise that eating well also means drinking well, so you may also want to order a local beer. Or two.

Dîner convivial (19 September)

The French call dîner de gala for conference dinner. We won't be quite quite that formal, conference of colleagues organized by colleagues. But we do want to take you to France on Thursday evening and eat at a typical French brasserie.

Discovering the Saarland

Saar Polygon

Coming to the Saar-Lor-Lux Greater Region with its 4 countries and 4 national languages is well worth the trip, not only for the conference. Below you will find a number of brochures with suggestions for sights, activities and short trips in and around Saarland's capital and the regions. If you are interested, we will also organize a more extended group tour of Saarbrücken and its surroundings for you on Saturday, but of course you can also explore the so-called Grande Région on your own.