Information about the Placement Test

Placement test? - What is that anyway?

It is frustrating when your classmates are more advanced or not as far along as you. The placement tests are designed to specifically recommend those courses that are appropriate for your level so that your courses are not undemanding or far too challenging.

For that reason, we conduct placement tests for the following languages:

For English, you must take the test even if you have little or no previous knowledge. Courses for absolute beginners in other languages are accessible without placement tests.

Our placement test consists of a “C-test”:

  • A C-Test is an integrative language test used to measure general language level (vocabulary, grammar, sentence structure, etc.), and where gaps have to be filled. The following very short, German-language text illustrates the structure of a C-test:

    Parked in the Wrong Spot
    The parking lot attendant turns to a passerby: “Is th___ your c___?” – “No, i___ isn’t. My c____ is ov___ there, i__ the  sec_____ row.” – “Oh, sorry about that, then.”

Examples of older placement tests can be found on the respective pages for English, French, Italian and Spanish.

Test Procedure

Should I prepare for the test?

  • There is no specific preparation available for the placement test, but it is advisable to "refresh" your language skills for a few days before taking the test. This is especially important if there has been a long period between your last language course/experience and the test. A brief refresher of your language skills will help you get a more accurate result on the E-test.

Accessing the Test

  • To access the placement test, you must have a user account at the Language Center. You can find more information about creating a user account hier.
  • To take the placement test, please click on "Kursangebot" above, then on the current semester. In the category "E-Test" you will find the placement tests for all languages. Alternatively, you can first select the corresponding language and then find the placement test as the top entry.
  • Select the desired placement test and click on the button in the course description in the line "Zum Kurs auf der Lernplattform". The learning platform Moodle will open. Once you have logged in with your user number and your personal password, you will immediately be taken to the placement test you selected.

Taking the Test

  • You can take the test at any time from any computer or device with internet access. It is not necessary to be on site at the Language Center during opening hours.
  • After accessing the test, you will receive instructions on how to complete it and have the opportunity to watch a video explaining the test (also available below). Complete the trial test first, which will show you how the actual test will look and give you access to the actual test.
  •     It is important that you do NOT close the browser window during the test  and always submit the results with the appropriate button. If you want to be sure your test is submitted, wait until the test time limit is reached. The results will then be saved automatically, and you can log out by clicking on "Logout" in the upper right hand corner of the page.

In preparation for the placement test, we also offer the following short explanatory video (in German):


When will my results be available?

The results of the placement tests will be published according to the following rhytm:

  • in April and October: daily;
  • during the rest of the year (except in April and October): once a week (usually on Fridays).

If you do not see any results within the timeframes above, please contact our Mediendidaktik team.



How do I access my result?

  • The results of the placement tests are not automatically published after taking the test, but are updated in our system at certain points in time. As soon as your result is available, you can view it under “Meine Kurse.”

  • Please also note the explanations that appear in the 'Tooltip' (see when you hold the mouse pointer over the abbreviated score (e.g. AK, ZK, etc.) in the "Note" column.
  • You can then use the score/abbreviation to filter the list of courses displayed in the course program of a given semester so that only those to which your placement result entitles you are shown. In other words: with the filter in the course program, only the courses that you have access to will be shown.
  • Please also note that the results of the placement tests are valid for the semester in which the test was taken (see course number and name), as well as two subsequent semesters. If you do not successfully complete any courses at your level during this time, you will lose access to this level and will have to take a placement test again.
  • A placement test does not guarantee you a place in a course. You must register for the course online within the appropriate time frame.



Validity of a placement test
The result of a placement test is valid for the semester in which the test was taken (see course number and name) and for the two following semesters. The result does not guarantee a spot in a course. If you do not take a course in the corresponding language in this period of time, we assume that your language skills have changed in the meantime, which is why you will have to take a placement test again. Here is an example:

You have taken a placement test in SS 22. This test is then valid for SS 22 and the two following two semesters, i.e. WS 22/23 and SS 23.

Validity of course grades
Courses that have been successfully completed with a grade of at least 4.0 are also regarded as fulfilment of admission criteria for 3 semesters. They make it possible to attend further courses. However, if you take a break that is too long (longer than 3 semesters), you must take a placement test again (see above). Here is another example:

At the end of SS 22 you successfully complete a language course at the Language Center (grade at least 4.0). Your grade/placement is now valid for the 3 subsequent semesters (WS 22/23, SS 23 and WS 23/24). Only in SS 24 would you have to take a placement test again if you do not take a course with us in the 3 semesters after receiving your grade.
Once more:
A placement test is valid for three semesters including the semester in which the test was taken. A completed course with a score of 4.0 or higher can be used to register for courses at that level for the following 3 semesters.