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Transform4Europe Week - May 2023

For one whole week in May, Saarland University will be hosting the 2023's Transform4Europe Week. From May 8th through May 12th there will be a number of events to promote and celebrate our European University alliance and inform students about the vast opportunities this network has to offer.

T4EU-Week Events

Of course, the Language Center will organize a number of events

  • From Monday 8th to Friday 12th we are offering Language Tasters in all the 10 different languages of the alliance. In only 30 minutes you'll geht Check out our Tasting Schedule to fine the languaguages
  • An then there is of course our Wheel of Fortune Quiz with lots of small and larger prizes. Just drop by at the University (Building ) between 11:30 and 2 p.m., Monday 8th through Friday 12th, and try your hand at answering a few fun questions about languages and cultures of the alliance countries.
  • And while you're there, why not take a picture in front of our Transform4Europe greenscreen?
  • Of course, we're not only there for celebrating. We'll answer every question you may have about the alliance, from A (as in "Studying Abroad") to Z (as in "Staying Zen" in a foreign country).